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The Pitch (Law 1)

  • Pitch Surface; smooth, non-abrasive
  • Dimensions: length 25 to 42 m and width 16 to 25 m
  • Penalty mark: 6 m from goal
  • Second penalty mark: 10 m from goal
  • Handball goals are used: 2 m x 3 m

The Ball (Law 2)

  • The ball does not bounce excessively: dropped from a height of 2 m, it should not bounce more than 65 cm or less than 50 cm
  • Games must be played with the VAR provided Futsal game ball

The Number of Players (Law 3)

  • 5 Players on the pitch, one of whom is goalkeeper (VAR U6/U8 – 4v4 No GK’s)
  • 7 Substitutes for official competitions
  • An unlimited number of substitutions (changes) can be made during a match
  • A substituted player may in turn become a substitute
  • A substitution can be made whether the ball is in play or not
  • If a player is sent off, his team continues with 4 players for 2 minutes, unless the opposing team scores a goal before the two minutes have elapsed
  • Player coming off the field must be completely off the field before a substitute may go on

Referees (Laws 5 and 6)

  • Each match is controlled by 2 referees (VAR will be using one)
  • A third referee and timekeeper may be appointed
  • All decision made by the referee are final

Duration of the Match (Law 7)

  • A match comprises two periods of 20 minutes each of actual play
  • All Stoppages of Play are disregarded (The clock does not stop)
  • Each team is entitled to a one minute time out in each period
  • The half time interval must not exceed 15 minutes (VAR’s will be 5 minutes)
  • The timekeeper indicates the end of each period with an acoustic signal
  • If the ball has been kicked towards one of the goals, the referees must wait for the kick to end

Offside (Law 11)

  • There is NO OFFSIDES in Futsal

Fouls and Misconduct (Law 12)

  • These are the same as for football, except that an indirect free kick is awarded to the opposing team if a goalkeeper:
  • Controls the ball with his hands or feet in his own half of the pitch for more than four seconds
  • After playing the ball, he touches it again in his own half of the pitch after it has been deliberately kicked to him by a teammate without an opponent playing or touching it. (This law will not apply to VAR Youth)

Free Kicks (Law 13)

  • Free kicks must be taken within 4 seconds
  • Opponents must be at least 5 m from the ball
  • When a team has accumulated 5 fouls in a period (sanctioned by direct free kicks), then from the sixth foul on, direct free kicks without a defensive wall 10 m or less from the goal line are awarded
  • The player taking the free kick without wall may not pass the ball to a teammate and must shoot directly at goal

Penalty Kick (Law 14)

  • This rule is the same as in 11-a-side football, except that the kick is taken from the penalty mark 6 m from the goal

Kick-in (Law 15)

  • The ball may only be returned to play by a kick, within 4 seconds (No Throw Ins)
  • Opponents must be at least 5 m from the ball
  • Ball must fully cross over the line to be awarded a kick-in

Goal Clearance (Law 16)

  • When a goal clearance is awarded, the goalkeeper must return the ball to play by throwing (VAR U6/U8, Goal Kicks are taken from the goal line)
  • A goal cannot be scored directly from a goal clearance
  • If the ball is in play and the goalkeeper touches the ball again before it has touched an opponent (except if it has accidently touched another player in his team), an indirect free kick is awarded to the opposing team (same as Law 12 above)
  • Ball must bounce or touch a player before going into the attacking half (VAR Law)

Corner Kick (Law 17)

  • This law is the same as for 11-a-side football, except that:
  • The corner kick must be taken within 4 seconds
  • The opponents must be at least 5 m from the ball