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  • Work Hard
  • Stay positive
  • Have Fun
  • Always try to compete
  • Be gracious in victory & defeat
  • Respect opponents, officials, teammates self and the game
  • Have your own equipment
  • Wear correct Rush training attire
  • Shake Rush coaches’ hands on arrival and departure at event
  • Wear appropriate footwear (tennis shoes or Futsal shoes) no turf shoes or cleats
  • Enter and exit the facility the right way
  • Respect the facility and follow all rules and expectations


  • Get your child to the field on time
  • Please check to make sure they have what they need for game
  • Let the coaches do the coaching
  • See yourself as part of the team
  • Give consistent encouragement to your child regardless of the degree of difficulty or time
  • Remember that yelling can create distractions
  • Tell your child “I love watching you play”
  • Be supportive of the staff
  • Remember this is your child’s experience
  • If you have an issue, please wait 24 hours before approaching the coach or staff
  • Volunteer for the club when needed, share your expertise
  • Leave team benches open for coaches and players
  • Enter and exit the facility the right way, stay on the concrete not on the Futsal surface
  • Respect the Facility and follow all rules and expectations